Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bento for 05.02.09

Bento for 05.02.096

Mini hamburgers with cheddar and salami wheels, salad of raw veg: red pepper, carrot, green beans, snow peas and broccoli. They each get a portion of cheese and a chocolate cookie for a snack. The sauce tub is a mix of ketchup and brown sauce. Brown sauce is like thick A1 sayce or Bulldog sauce, but the Scots just call it "Brown sauce".

Forgot to post up yesterday's bentos for some weird reason. No excuse really as I spent most of the day on the computer.

Bento for 04.02.09

Sassy's bento has ginger soy lotus root leftover from dinner, cheese butterflies, peeled broccoli stems, red pepper (The sweetest, it's delicious!), sugar snap peas, salami and cheese rolls. The bottom are plain rice mini-onigiri that Sassy put the faces on herself. She did a great job, I think. The side is sukiyaki furikake.

I love saying sukiyaki furikake.


jomamma said...

Nice faces!

eilis alana said...

Not using Alana Sauce?

Lovely bentos as always - such great work!

Shorty said...

The faces are so cute!

Lyvvie said...

Sassy did a great job, and the one with different star eyes reminds me of Elton John.

I've not heard of Alana sauce - is it a family recipe?

eilismaura said...

Alana is the name of an Irish brand of steak sauce - had hoped to find a link with an example but no luck this morning.