Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bento for 25.02.09

Bento for 25.02.09

Veggie burger with salami flowers and lettuce. Orange pepper stuffed with cream cheese, shrimp, flower hot dogs, and carrots. A bag of crisps and a frozen yogurt in a tube. Forgot to post up yesterday, and we had pizza last night so no leftovers which means they got sent off with ham sandwiches. They feel so cheated now to get a typical Western lunch, but as they take me five minutes to make it's a boon for me occasionally.


eilismaura said...

Ahh - well be consoled - they will survive the occasional Western style lunch.

Ohh make sure you check out making tomato goldfish link on my blog!

SIG said...

Hi there, I enjoy going through your blog and admiring all your lovingly put-together bentos. Could you kindly take a photo of the rice paper package so I can have an idea of what it might look like? I love that you write riddles etc for your girl. :)

jomamma said...

That looks yummy! I feel slighted when I have to take a sandwich in my sandwich case... I had to take soup one day last week, it was so uninteresting.