Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bentos for 17.02.09

Bento for 19.02.09

Sassy gets some fishcakes, a cream cheese and mustard stuffed pepper, red Leicester cheese in ham, sugar snap and snow peas, a "treasure bag" which is an inarizushi pouch filled with and egg that's been poached in seasoned water (Maki's recipe), mooli radish and a small pouch of jelly beans.

Bento for 19.02.09

Husband gets two red Leicester filled pan fried potato pancakes (Tried oyaki but the dough wasn't firm enough), pepper filled with cream cheese and grain mustard, small rolls of sweet ham, Takarabukuro cut in half, snow peas, mooli and lettuce. He also got a bunch of fruit and bag of jelly sweets.

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Flying Lily said...

Both beautiful. I love the idea of the cream cheese and mustard stuffed peppers. Must try this.