Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bentos for 24.02.09

Bento for 24.02.09

Sassy gets two onigiri made with bonito broth, filled with smoked ham, a soy marbled egg, carrot, more ham, smoked cheese, sugar-snap peas and a few mooli flowers.

Bento for 24.02.09

Leftover stir-fry rice with smoked fish sauce and ginger, lotus root, peas, Jerusalem artichoke and red pepper, topped with grilled chicken thigh, a miso egg (HB egg covered with miso paste and left to cure for 24 hours), sugar-snap peas, carrots, mooli flowers all on a bed of rocket leaves.

As it's Pancake Day, the kids insisted on pancakes for breakfast. I made too many so they also got to take some, syrup soaked, for school for snacks.

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