Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama Makizushi

I took a bento break because I've gotten into this bad habit of grocery shopping mid-week and ran out of lunch foods, so I'll have to rejig this so it all works and I don't run out of food again. As the family was on vacation last week, supplies were snarffed up. (I'm full of all kinds of excuses, no?)

But I'll leave this with you, as I saw it on a friend's blog and found it interesting, if slightly weird.


Presidents are yum! Here's more.


eilismaura said...

Ok - I just HAVE to show this on my blog!!!

nobu said...

I have never seen Obama makizushi in Japan.

Para i familiaku said...

Obama Makizushi?! Wow... what next? :o>

I also have to show this on my blog!!

Take care!

Ryn said...

both awesome and awkward :)

veganf said...

LOL. Freaking cool.