Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Adventure of a Lifetime!

You may be wondering why I've been so quiet lately. Well, we've just found out there's a very high chance we'll be moving to Melbourne Australia in the VERY near future. My Husband has been interviewing for a position there and is about 90% hired. He's flying out there to finalize and meet clients and whatever other stuff he does in his job that I tend to glaze over when he talks about it as it's technical engineer computer stuff and involves a lot of numbers and other stuff.

This has been very aggressive; he was notified on Friday he'd be getting a call on Monday, Monday was told he'd have a telephone interview Tuesday, Wednesday was told they wanted him in San Diego for Monday for one week and then Melbourne for two weeks to meet clients, team and start visa application - giving him very short time to get packing ready and have a haircut, The job is to start in May. Six weeks.

Now, we've discussed it and have decided that we want the kids to finish out their school year, which takes us to middle of June. Husband will start his job, we'll finish up here, and I'll sell the house. It was what we'd planned ages ago anyways, and now seem like the best way forward.

Having said that, I think I'll take a break from the bento blog until we're resettled in Australia - so long as nothing bad happens. There's just so much to do and so little time. I'll of course, keep the blog up for archives and I absolutely intend to come back to it, as it's been amazing fun.

Wish us luck, and I'll see the Winter. (I just got through winter, for goodness sake.)

Melbourne map


K and S said...

exciting! hope the move goes smoothly.

arkonite_babe said...

At least winter in Oz won't be as nasty as it is here! Enjoy your move, you're so lucky to be getting out of this country. Hope all goes ok for you.

Bento Pet said...

Buy all your bento stuff before you leave, there isn't much of a choice in Aussieland.

Melbourne!! My personal favorite part of Australia! Good luck and will be looking forward to your updates!!

eilismaura said...

Best of luck!!!

Hey - even if you are not blogging you can still read other people's blogs (hint, hint)!

Patricia said...

How amazing! And what a lot of work you have ahead of you now. Best of luck in the transition and if you happen to sneak a pic in once in a great while, well that'd be cool, too :)

Flying Lily said...

How exciting! A lot of work though. Best wishes in all the upheaval ahead. You could always turn this into a move to Australia blog for the time being.

jomamma said...

Good luck to ya'll, I love moving! I look at it as a new way to rearrange the furniture. You'll have to take the girls to the animal preserve that Jolea went to when she petted the wallaby in the wild, they'll love it.

Allergy Mom said...

Congrats and good luck! I'll keep your blog in my reader and look forward to the exciting Aussie bento cuisine.