Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bento for 05.03.09

Bento for 05.03.09

Another quick one from the freezer section. Fish sticks, veggie burger, cream cheese stuffed orange pepper with red pepper flower, sugar snap peas, cheese string, baked ham slices and carrot slices. A small pot of ketchup for dipping and a granola bar for dessert. Also included a banana with a message on its peel (not pictured).

I want to start using fancy leaf lettuces in bento more. They really do make the whole thing nicer and more cohesive.


Banana Messages

It should be very clear by lunch time. This was just ten minutes.


Flying Lily said...

A talking banana is a wonderful idea. I'm afraid if I allowed my bananas to start talking they'd either get smartalecky or never shut up. Love the pepper flower on your other pepper.

jomamma said...

Great idea with the banana... I may tell the cafeteria lady about that one... have a prize banana in the bunch for some lucky winner.