Monday, March 30, 2009

Bento for 30.03.09

After one week of school lunches, Sassy has asked that I make her bento again. I was touched for all of two seconds before she added "I hate having to sit with all the boys in the cafeteria." Oh well. At least she hates boys. An almost ten year old should hate boys. Also the school is only providing packed lunches just now as they are renovating the kitchen, so no hot foods for anyone. Thanks Karma!

Top is a chargrilled chicken breast, lettuce, red pepper, carrot sticks, snow peas and some cheese cut into triangles. I don't know why.

Bottom has a halved clementine - I find the lazy pain is more likely to eat fruit if it's peeled or cut already for her. Packet of berry oatcakes which are Yummy! and I'll miss them when we go. Finally a few sugar-free fruit chews.

Bento for 30.03.09

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Anonymous said...

someone has an insanely cool mum.

i wish my mum did that for me, i got stuck with lunchables >xp