Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Egg Shaper!

Egg Shaper!

This is the egg shaper that I bought recently from J-list. I've been coveting this thing for ages but couldn't buy it. So I emailed J-list to ask them to carry it and They Did! Aren't they cool?

This comes in a lot of small bits and can be fiddly at first. Especially as I couldn't read the instructions, but there were pictures so I managed to figure it all out eventually.

The first attempt, I made every mistake possible, I think. I over filled the tubes with egg white and I didn't oil the parts. So the first time I tried to pull the shape middles out, they stuck and the tops were still raw egg. Then the only way to fix that was to overcook them. Then I added in the yolks, and as the whites were too full, the yolks were too and made quite a mess everywhere. Also I overcooked them and they turned a yucky green colour.

So the second try - lucky I had enough eggs - I used a non-stick spray in the tubes, and on the shaper inserts. I filled the tubes half-way only with egg white. I boiled them for 10 minutes. then took them out, added the yolks, and put them back in the boiling pan for another seven minutes. When I opened the tops they looked done. I quickly put the whole thing into a cold water pan and left them to sit for twenty minutes.

This time they came out perfect. I do wish the yolks had been a brighter yellow, but I'm not going to complain about it. I also found that adding a bit of salt to both the white and yolk prior to boiling made them taste much better.

Bento for 31.03.09

I had to rush to make this bento because I over slept this morning. It has a quick poached chicken breast sprinkled with salt and a little bit of garlic, red peppers, carrot sticks and the egg shapes i made last night. Aren't they sweet!? Sassy gets a few grapes and s fruit chew bag for dessert.


Amy said...

I have been wanting that, too!! Could you please post a link to the product so I can buy one, too?

Lyvvie said...

Certainly! Here it is. And I noticed they've added a couple other things I've been desperate to get that I asked them to carry. So Exciting!!


eilismaura said...


LOL you are such a woman after my own heart!!!

I have been coveting this for ages tooo!!!

I love gadgets!

I HAVE to get one now!!!

Lisa~~ said...

I have one of these egg shapers and it's so much fun. I sometimes add a bit of food coloring to the whites and/or the yolks to spice things up a bit for my daughter. She especially loves when they are pink and yellow. http://maisieeatsbento.blogspot.com/2008/09/bento-50.html

Have fun with your new toy.

Amy said...

Thank-you so much, Lyvvie!!!
But gosh, that's expensive, and shipping on top of that...
I still want it, though - I'll just have to add it to my wish list for now.

Such a great idea to color the egg whites! So cute!

Lyvvie said...

I will admit that as I'm paying with UK pound I get them a bit less. Although not as much as I used to! The exchange rate isn't as much in my favor as it was a year ago.

The Girl said...

I love this thing... tho it seems like a lot of work. But... the end result is wonderful. The girls must be the envy of their class. What a good mama you are!

The Girl said...

PS; The Girl is me... Jill. ;) I am in the process of changing everything around.

jomamma said...

Cool, I had wondered how that thing worked, thanks for posting it.

Flying Lily said...

Oh that is magical. I wonder if my inherent klutziness would allow it to work properly...