Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bento for 11.03.09

I made extra rice last night so I could whip up some sushi for the bentos today. I love those easy press sushi moulds they just make the whole affair so much easier. I rarely use the roll mat anymore. Granted they're not as good for an insideout roll, but then I've never made one so it's not an issue. I'm sure I could finagle it if I tried. (How cool the dictionary knew the word finagle! All these years I thought it was a weird New England term.)

So there's imitation crab or smoked salmon with green onion sushi and I added some bonito furikaki to the rice. Granted, some of the strips I cut were too wide and I had overlap. If it happens again I'll just top the sushi with some tuna or similar. The cup has some leftover ginger-soy turkey strips, with mange tout and red pepper rings.

Bottom is just curly lettuce, salted cashews, cheese, prawns, gherkins and some cherry tomatoes.

Bento for 11.03.09

Sassy gets imitation crab or salmon and green onion sushi - it's all a mix. Looks like she got more salmon. Crab sticks, mange tout and a side of leftover ginger-soy turkey with mange tout and red pepper rings.

Top has curly lettuce, babybel cheese, prawns and cherry tomatoes. She'll also get a squeezy yogurt which are frozen now and will act as an nice pack for at least a little while.


Overboard said...

Marry me in the next lifetime!

Lyvvie said...

Will same sex marriages be allowed then? Otherwise you'll have to be the bloke and you better pack your speedos. Or I could just be your mom instead!

jomamma said...

Noooo, I'll be the Mom.

Your bentos are getting better all the time. The lettuce really makes them look complete. I wish I'd taken pictures of mine this morning in the sandwich box. Little croissant roast beef and cheese sandwiches and half a mango with lime and chili powder. I love my sandwich box.