Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bento for 26.5.09 and 27.05.09

Bento 27.05.09\

Green tea soba noodles with Thai 7 spice and soy sauce, three quail's eggs, shrimp, red pepper, carrots and lettuce. Top has a fruit chew bar, cheese and some pretzel sticks.

No leftovers.

Yesterday was slap dash as my Mom was leaving to go back to America and I wanted to get the lunch made and spend time with Mom. It's a simpler affair.

Bento 26.05.09

Sometimes it's ok to be a bit boring, it makes the fancier lunches all the more exciting. Ham and cheese sandwich cut into triangles, cheese, granola bar, carrot sticks with cream cheese in the teddy for dipping. Side has a couple of jaffa cake (these are the new strawberry ones and they are pretty awful. Orange is still best.) and some dried pineapple.

She ate the lot, but came home hungry. She'll get more protein from now on.


jomamma said...

Looks yummy

Metherer said...

Just sat and read your blog through from the start - you've got some great ideas that I may have to incorporate into my own lunches.