Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cooking With Dog Bento

I've not been doing much of my own bento lately as I'm doing my best to keep food supplies and shopping to a minimum. But I may have to go back to packing lunches as it's expensive to pay for school lunches. £8 per week. Yikes. I'll have to wait and see. Perhaps I'll keep two bento boxes behind when the movers come next week.

Anyways, if you don't already watch CWD, here's her latest bento video! It's rather sweet, but I wonder - is it right to put the pumpkin into cold oil and fry while bringing the oil up to a boil? I would think get the oil to temp first then put the pumpkin in so it's not oil-logged. But that's just me. Enjoy Cooking With Dog.


jomamma said...

Fascinating... but I didn't like the dog on the counter while she was cooking, have you ever seen a dog with a grease fire on it's back? Not pretty.

Anna lafatina (little fairy) said...

Very interesting!
I love bentos and I have a little collection of this little lunch box!
Your blog it's very useful!!