Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stretching my legs

My time so far in Australia has been shopping for things for the house. We emigrated with virtually nothing apart from our clothes. The rest of our things are on a ship which isn't due into port for another 8-10 weeks. We didn't bring our furniture so it's been a lot of furniture stores, Ikea, appliance store and electronics shops. It's getting really boring now. I could happily stay clear of Ikea until X-mas time when we need to get ornaments and a tree.

I've been scoping out Japanese Grocers and managed to pop out and see my closest one which was Suzuran on Burke Road and it was great! I managed to get all my usual favourites and then spent a fortune on all the other stuff I'd never had the chance to try. They even had green konnyaku! I got to try a mochi cake for the first time which we loved, as I had to buy one for the kids as well, and I figured they wouldn't like them as they were filled with sweet red beans but of course; they loved them. The grocer also has a sushi counter in the adjoining room which I didn't partake of this time, but will next time. They also had a good sized frozen foods section which I'll give more attention next time, but on this trip I didn't plan on going home straight away and didn't want to risk thawing. I did buy an assortment of furikake, rice, toasted sesame seeds, bag of mixed mini treats, wasabi peas, nori, 40pc inari and hontsuyu sauce and as I was walking and the bag was getting heavy, I stopped there. But cannot wait to go back

I did ask the cashier if they ever carried bento supplies and she said they did once but not for a long time. I said I'd love to find a store like Daiso and her face lit up "You've been to Japan!" and I had to confess I had not been to Japan but that I would love to one day and I like obento. She treated me to many big smiles after that. Makes me really want to go to Japan now.

I found out from my perusals of blogs that I may find some bento boxes at a shop in Melbourne central called Robio and I also want to go and see Fujimart in South Yarra.

I think, ultimately, I'll have to feed my habit via Ebay. How disappointing. Takes all the fun out it.


arkonite_babe said...

I'm sure over time you'll find lots of cool bento gear! I'm so jealous of you being over there. It's like bloomin monsoon season here in the UK!

Anonymous said...

There's also a Japanese deli in Elsternwick. Can't remember the name though.

Anonymous said...

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