Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bentos - I forgot to blog the bentos!

Grr! It's just been so hard to get back into the routine. This house is also difficult to photograph a morning bento as the sun is in an unfavorable position and my light sources are scarce. I may have to get something portable...but enough about that. As it stands I've not got a lot of time for this so apologies for the post and dash.

Sassy Bento 20.08.09

Sassyface gets a simple wrap in the Mountain Bread with smoked ham, mozzarella, cucumber and ketchup, some extra ham and cheese roll-ups with red pepper and a few carrot and cucumber slices. There's a granola bar in there. She was naughty this morning so I told her no sweets.

Yesterday I Flicker'd about these neat new food containers I'd found:

Sassy Bento 19.08.09Sassy Bento 19.08.09

I got this new lunch container last week where you can interchange different sized tubes and screw them together for one long lunch container. It's pretty neat!

Tall green one has flat wrap bread with ham, mozzarella, lettuce and ketchup, small blues have huge red grapes and carrot and cucumber sticks. A small chocolate bean crisp for a sweet. In the comment section, Mosaica asked where they were from and I told her; They are pretty neat. I found them in the grocery store last (Safeways Australia) and I think they are very new. They come in three colours and two sizes (the other colour is bright pink, which I bought too and I'm not sure if they offer more choices but this is what was available) and they also do a compartmented lunchbox similar to a laptop lunchbox with two small pods in yellow and orange. The company is called Smash Enterprises and is based here in Melbourne. Best thing is they are safe plastics and the insulated lunch products are lead free. A very cool company. I'm not sure if they ship outside of Oz, but you could email them and ask, or let me know in an email if you want me send some.

And that was a slap/dash cut and paste post. Sorry if it shows up weird! I'm now desperate to get my bento stuff back - it's still on a ship and not due to arrive for another 3-4 weeks. Sigh!


Kathy said...

wow, that tube thing is great!

Shannon said...

I love the thermos style container!

Added you to my blogroll as well, hope you don't mind. :o)

Anonymous said...

NYT article on bento, thought of you:


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