Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Here!

My beloved bento stuff has arrived. Joy joy joy!

Damn I have a lot of stuff.

I'd forgotten how much stuff I had, and I have a lot of stuff.

...not as much as others though, so I'm not in the Bento crazy category yet. Not far off though. I recently bought some instant meringue mix because it came in a plastic egg that would be perfect for wet wipes and napkins and sauce bottles and also for keeping any rubbish in so it can be disposed of properly later and not left in playgrounds or parks.

So once school break is over, next week, I should be back in the groove. OH and I have a new camera! OH! I should make that light box I've seen others use for photographing their bento.

It'll take some time to get back into the groove, but enthusiasm is returning.


Kristen said...

Nice to see you post again!

jomamma said...


arkonite_babe said...

Yay! Welcome Back! I'm so glad your bento gear arrived ok, I'm seriously now verging on bento craziness, hubs has just about given up!! LOL He'll be ok as long as I don't start making cute lunches for him, he says he's fine with boring sarnies!

Flying Lily said...

It's a fine line between having just the right amount of stuff and being officially BentoCrazy. But I'm on the far side of that line for sure. We need photos of your latest haul, taken with the new camera. And: a light box for bento photos? That would be BentoCrazy.

hapa bento said...

Yay, more bento stuff. Can't wait to see your photos on flickr.

Nice blog.