Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bentos for 6th and 7th of October

I must remember that just because I put these on Flickr, they don't magically appear on the blog. If Only! Talk about a slick thing that would be. Highly efficient! Which sadly is not a phrase used to describe me.

So on the 6th I made SassyFace:

Bento for 6/10/09

Slightly busy bento, but it was the first day of the last term of school. There are plain rice balls with sakura denbu (A fishy topping that's salty and sweet - utterly weird but really pretty), ham and cheese wraps,grape tomatoes, hot dog octopi, carrots and string cheese slices. The top right is cola falvoured gelatin that I set in the box - it still glopped out - and the bottom is some homemade chocolate-chocolate chip cake.

On the 7th I made:

Bento for 7/10/09

Ham and cheese salad wrap with a grape tomato and extra lettuce. Right side has red peppers, string cheese wrapped in ham, lettuce, leftover roast beef and carrots. She got a juice box and a homemade mini muffin for dessert.

I got annoyed with her because she didn't eat any of the bottom container, only the wraps. She says she doesn't like vegetables anymore. Well that's just tough! So the next day I made her the most boring lunch in history of a ham and cheese on white with no condiments, an apple and a juice box. I wonder if a week of that would be souless enough for her to enjoy the bento again and be begging for a carrot?

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