Monday, October 19, 2009

I didn't post last week because it was a week of activities at school where BBQ and stuff was provided and Husband was having working lunches so Vacation for me!

Today I made them both a bento - I must have been in a good mood this morning. Husband's first:

Bento for 20.10.09

Husband gets a Lebanese flat bread wrap with ham, cheese, mixed salad and BBQ sauce. There is a cheese string under the olives and cucumber, which I topped with some shichimi togarashi. Spinach leaves and two homemade cookie truffles - one is ginger orange flavoured (made with gingernut biscuits, candied peel and creamcheese) and the other is strawberry cream (made with store brand strawberry wafer cookies and cream cheese)

Carrot and cucumber decoration of a wee frog and some flowers.

Sassy gets:

Bento for 20.10.09

Sassy's bento has a Lebanese flat bread wrap with ham, cheese, mixed salad and ketchup. Rocket leaves, carrot sticks and carrot decoration with cucumber accents - butterfly and frog. A strawberry cookie truffle at the end. Top has supersweet corn on the cob, yellow kiwi and a cheese string.

I got the idea for the cookie truffles from this site.

Here's some pictures from our adventure. Did I mention that my 5 year old made them? She did! They're that easy. I didn't measure or anything, I just used half the packet of cookies and made a small amounts of dough with the cream cheese - or Shorty did really, and then rolled the dough into balls and covered them in the melted chocolate - which was easy done in the microwave. no double boiler. Then we played with the leftovers, ate our art and licked the bowls clean.

Cookie Truffles


K and S said...

yum! I'm gonna have to try these truffles!

jomamma said...

Mmmmm, bento looks good and the truffles look scrumptious.

Yuri said...

wow, your bentos are adorable!

jmc said...

I made Nutter Butter truffles using that recipe. Yum! Had to bring them to the office for fear I would eat all of them. At once.