Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bento for 17.11.09 and 18.11.09

Bento for 17.11.09

Slightly boring bento. I've been waking up groggy now that I'm sleeping through the night again. We had a week of hot sticky nights and we had no air-con. Now it's cool, I'm sleeping and groggy. Can't win.

Hot dog bun with ham, cheese and salad, a chocolate granola bar in foil at the top, some red pepper and cucumber and two quail's eggs with nori stars.

Sassy bento 11.18.09

Left is a tube with two mini blueberry muffins. Right has chicken tenders and nuggets, sliced red pepper and cucumber, roll-ups in ultra thin flat bread that have cheese and chicken tenders with ketchup.

Need to use other veggies. She eats these and I go back to them all the time, but the variety is blah. Sassy is just one of those people that prefers a very limited palate.


jomamma said...

something is different about your lighting since you have gotten to Oz, it's better.

Token (Bento-Lunch-Blog) said...

looks so good! I love your Bentos! ^^