Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busy Springtime!

I didn't have a lot of lunches to make last week as Sassy's school was having BBQ's and farewell lunches for her principal who retired on Friday. Husband is happier with a big sandwich and isn't as enamored with the bento because he train commutes instead of driving and the boxes don't fit in his backback. I do what I can occasionally, but being slightly idle, when given the chance to just make a sandwich and toss in a muffin and bag of chips...I do.

This week was Melbourne Cup Carnival so everything was shut for Monday and Tuesday so the state could enjoy a day at the horse races - isn't that the neatest thing you ever heard? The whole state takes the day off to watch horse racing. Mind boggles. I didn't photo yesterday as it was boring lunches (Truth: I fell off my scooter on Monday and sprained my wrist and it was hard to do much, so sarnies were easy.) and Wednesday is my school day where I'm taking a night course and have limited time for prep. Thursday is the breath of fresh air I need to wind back down and so this morning, I made Sassy a nicer bento lunch. (Feeling much better, but still sore.)

Sassy Bento 05.11.09

Bed of salad leaves from a store bought bag, a pizza-puff pastry that I bought frozen but looks so easy I may just take a Sunday afternoon to batch up a bunch myself - they are puff pastry, ricotta cheese, Italian herbs and a dash of tomato sauce. Very yum. A few chicken goujons which have a mashed potato coating instead of breading - Double Yum!, some cherry tomatoes, sweet corn and carrot sticks.


PuggleTrouble said...

So delicious!
Hope your arm feels better soon...

arkonite_babe said...

Hey Livvie!
When you get a chance to try the pizza puff thingies, will you post up the recipe? Those sound really tasty and easy to make, good for bento too!


jomamma said...

Very pretty bento, looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

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