Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back To School!!

February First is back to school day for SassyFace and tomorrow will be First Day Of School for Shorty. Hooray!! We are all kinds of excited for them both.

Me? I've got to get my head around making three packed lunches every weekday, now. Not an easy thing - how to make them interesting and not boring? First - I'll get right back into the food blogging and Flickr groups for non-stop inspiration. Second, I'll get myself a food diary. Just Bento has the Weekly Bento Planner sheets and I've printed them off and will work out dinner and leftovers into lunches. However, in my attempts to reduce waste, and portion sizes as Husband and I have gotten a bit flabby, there's very little leftovers these days. I shall have to consider getting an extra portion into the dinner and remove it before plating up dinner so I can use that portion for lunches. Like I said - it's all a bit overwhelming. I know I didn't say that exactly, but you'll forgive, right?

Today's bentos:

Sassy's Bento

Bento for 01.02.10

Shorty's Bento (Figured practice was necessary)

Bento for 01.02.10

Corn on the cob, half a ham and cheese sarnie in a hot dog roll, carrot sticks, octodog and crab, carrot shapes and red pepper sticks with ham wrapped green beans and carrot.

First attempt at the ham wrapped veg things - they were pretty good! I'll make them the night before next time to save cool-down time.

First day back to school for this one. Tomorrow - both girls are in school. Bento/lunch planning has been kicked up a notch - big style.

Also, I'm looking through flickr for Valentine's Day ideas as I'm not good with the themed bentos and I want to make them special from now on. Paying attention to the holidays and encouraging excitement in these kinds of things even though I think Valentine's Day is a completely pointless day created to inspire guilt and make money for cards, candy and flower businesses. My kids their own adulthoods to become disenchanted with fabricated holidays - for now, I'll let them enjoy being kids.


asha said...

Looks delicious! That corn reminds me of summer :)

jomamma said...

I'm so glad this day is here, I've missed your bentos. I agree with you about Valentines day, it was probably created by the Debeers Diamond people and Halmark cards.

baby gifts said...

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