Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Summer Sloth

It's been a quiet summer for us so far. Husband has been working really hard to meet his installation deadlines and Sassyface has a painful toe and can't go out walking much. It's hot, no one's very hungry and bento has fallen off the radar. Of course with school starting up in a few weeks, there will be two daily bento for me to make, as Shorty starts school this year.

I started bento with Shorty in mind because she has egg and milk allergies. Best thing in the world has happened, though - she's outgrown the allergies. Shorty can now have eggs and some processed dairy - for some reason milk chocolate still gives her hives around her mouth but it's not nearly the scary reactions she had as a baby. We still keep soy milk instead of cow milk because we've all grown to prefer it.

I've been looking back at the Flickr groups, getting myself geared up. Still not settled into a routine here - I'm just the house cleaner and to be honest, I have too much idle time - I know, Poor Me! I'm not complaining except that I am a tad bored. It's too hot to cook some days...I'm getting lazy.

I found this link on food photography I wanted to share: 3 Essential Angles for Food Photography!

Also it's a pretty neat site with all kinds of advice for bloggers and how to have a great food blog. Which this is. I forget sometimes with my other blog which is more grumpy and political. I need to pull out of the grumpy-funk and get back to the foodie fun. It is peaceful after and I love making things my family enjoy.

The other day we stopped at the fruit market and the owner had a table covered in brown bananas. It seems her whole stock over-ripened in our Monday heat wave (48C/118F) and she had to sell it off. Suited me fine to get a bunch of brown bananas - I made pecan banana bread. Did I photograph it? No - so easy to get out of a good habit! She also said she lost two cases of pineapple because the juices spoiled in the fruit. Damn shame.

So I'll get back to taking my pictures, even if it's not essentially bento, because anything we cook can become a bento item. Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful beginning to 2010.

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bento pet said...

Thanks for the link on photography. Very simple but handy tips.

Missing your bentos and looking forward to seeing them soon!! Happy New Year 2010!!