Monday, February 22, 2010

Bento for 23.02.10

Bento for 23.02.10

Both girls got the same, Sliced white nectarine, carrot, cucumber, pickle and red pepper and a ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread. I baked the bread too.

Our fig tree is bursting with fruit. I was trying to chase the greedy birds away, but after 4lbs/2kg of fruit so far, I think I'm the one being greedy. I decided to make some fig jam. I found a simple recipe. I think it's come out more like compote.

Fig bars

Then my friend Jill suggested I make some fig newtons. What a lovely idea! Although my newton came out a bit more cakey than firm, crumbly newton-like the kids love them. That's all that matters. It was a pound(ish) of sliced figs - mix of greener and riper ones as I had read that green figs have more pectin, half a cup of brown sugar (which was too much, it came out very sweet), handful of orange zest, whole lemon halved and juice added, TBS of cinnamon and ground ginger. Mixed and put on a medium flame until it boiled, taken off the flame and let to sit for an hour, then put back on the flame until reduced to favourite consistency of gloop. Next time, I may add no sugar and see what happens. Better get harvesting...


jomamma said...

Pretty bread! My mom used to make fig preserves that were to die for. I'll try to find her recipe.

jmc said...

Beautiful figs!

Lyvvie said...

Please do, Jomamma! I'm also looking into making fig chutney. Shouldn't be too hard; a bit of vinegar, raisin, onion, garlic...chili? Lots of possibilities. I plucked another 3lbs of fruit from the tree last night. It's not even a big tree!