Monday, February 15, 2010

Bentos for 16.02.10

Shorty Bento 16.02.10

Sassy Bento 16.02.10

Top has teenie super sweet grapes, half a tangerine and a box of perverse raisins. They stink! They smell awful and the box looks like a grape barfing up blood. But the kids love them and they're cheap.

Bottom has carrots, snow peas, red pepper, octodog and some turkey-kangaroo burgers.

Kangaroo meat is a high protein, very low fat and inexpensive option ($7.49 per kg) here in Australia. It tastes similar venison but not as gamey. I tried mixing it with turkey mince to see if it was more attractive to the kids. They loved it. Mixing the two made them taste more like beef burgers, but far healthier. A bit of garlic, spring onion and Italian herb seasoning.

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jomamma said...

So would those be Turkaroo burgers or Kangurky burgers?