Monday, February 1, 2010

Bentos for 2.2.10

Sassy's Bento:

Sassy Bento 2.2.10

Top has ham wrapped green beans, green beans, carrot and red pepper, ham and cheese sandwich and an onigiri with seasoned chicken inside.

Bottom has cucumber, carrot, apple and red pepper. A small orange-date cake accompanied (not pictured)

Shorty's Bento:

Shorty Bento 2.2.10

Top has onigiri with seasoned chicken, green beans and carrots, ham salad sandwich (She doesn't like cheese)

Bottom has cucumber, carrot, banana (with a quick wipe of lime to stop them browning) and apple. A small orange-date cake accompanied (not pictured)


Bento Pet said...

Glad to see you're back bento-ing!

BentoBeginner said...

Glad you see you back!

Vikki said...

Those onigiri faces are so cute. Where did you get the stamp punch-out things to make them?

Lyvvie said...

Thanks for the support!

Vikki - I coveted those for a long time and they weren't available except in Japanese stores from Japan only shipping. I sent an email to Jlist with the links of the products I wanted and within four months they stocked them and I bought the whole lot. I do need to practice using them. Here's a link to them on Jlist

ARG! Damn spammers keep leaving turds in my comments. So annoying!!

Vikki said...

Oh, I've shopped from J-List before. My friend bought a pair of Ninja shoes from them. Neat! I didn't know they would have that. I bought a bento that comes with it's own carrying bag from them about 2 years ago... and never used it for it's intended purpose. I will look into the stamps. Thanks, Lyvvie!

Lyvvie said...

Sorry Nishant, you can't leave a comment and a spam link. It's not allowed here.