Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bentos for 4.2.10 and Failed Mochi ARG!!!

First let me apologize for anyone who is kind enough to comment on this blog about the new word verification thing. I despise them, but I've also been slammed by scum sucking pig spammers who leave too many spamverts in comments. If that doesn't work I'll have to move to full comment authorization, which I also despise. Hopefully they'll get the hint they aren't wanted and shuffle off to pester someone else.


Sassy Bento:

Sassy Bento

Cherry tomatoes, navel orange slices and strawberries. Bottom has chicken nuggets, sugar snap peas and carrots.

Shorty Bento:

Shorty Bento

Cherry tomatoes, navel orange slices and strawberries. Bottom has chicken nuggets, sugar snap peas and carrots. She ate all except the salad under the nuggets. Can't complain about that.

Yesterday I went to the fruit and veg market and they had a punnet of wee strawberries for $2.50 so I had to buy them. Perfect size for bento. Later in the day I thought, hey! I bought that mochi flour ages ago and never got the gumption to try it out. I'd looked into microwave recipes and found a few online recipes and a YouTube video and thought - just what we need!! (not really, Oi! My waistline!)

I didn't use enough water and it came out hard. So I thought I could break it up, add more water and reheat, but no. It came out lumpy and wouldn't even consider wrapping itself lovingly around a petite strawberry. We just spooned out and ate the goop. If you do follow her recipe, I used half the sugar and it was just fine. I don't like them insanely sweet as I prefer the filling to have the flavour, but she's making mini mochi balls for ice cream so I can understand her use of more sugar. also I didn't use vanilla because it sounds heinous.

Failed mochi
Failed mochi


jomamma said...

Maybe yours didn't turn out because you used a clean bowl. She'll have to soak that bowl for a week to get that quadruple baked on yellow mochi out. I thought it was cute how she looked like she didn't want to get anything on her hands. I love watching Japanese cooking videos. Too bad you can't pick your own words to use in the Word Verification.

eilismaura said...

You are quite adventurous! LOL - I have some mochi flour here too - hmmm and a microwave -- now do I have the cajones to try it!?!

LOL - I have been wanting a sweet - maybe I would do a batch leaving the sugar amount alone - then try another with your suggestion.

First though is getting some stone ground wheat flour so I can try making some Irish brown bread - wish me luck!!

BentoBeginner said...

Cute bento! And if it was edible I would call it a success!

Lyvvie said...

Sorry Nishant, although I appreciate your comment, you added a spam link and I don't allow spam on my blogs.