Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bentos for 5.2.10

Grey rainy morning means food photography is pants.

Shorty Bento 5.2.10

The kids really liked the chicken nuggets yesterday and asked for them again. These are very nice, chicken breast chunks and not reclaimed meat. Rolled egg and broccoli stalks with carrot flowers and a cherry tomato. Snack side has strawberries, navel orange slices, apple slices (for Shorty) and a few extra carrot bits.

Sassy Bento 5.2.10

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Aki said...

Love your obentos!
I have started making obentos this year for my 4 yr. old daughter and have been enjoying it. How do you prepare the nuggets for the obento. Do you sear them quickly before packing? Are they good cold? I think my daughter would love to have nuggets in hers, too. Thank you!