Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Triple Bento!

I used to make Husband a bento every morning too, but he doesn't drive to work now, and his laptop bag doesn't accommodate the bento box I've always used for him. I've not found something that will work when traveling on its side. So he gets boring, typical lunches and it's a bit sad. So today I thought I'd show what Husband gets on a day-to-day basis, just to...well show. I guess.

Husband's Bento 2.10.10

Ham and cheese salad roll with mustard and smokey BBQ sauce, a blueberry cake bar, chicken sausages on rocket, carrots and snow peas. He gets an apple on the side.

Sassy Bento 2.10.10

Top has ham and cheese salad roll with ketchup, two chicken sausages and okra. Bottom has carrot stars, snow peas, triple Tassie Cheese (Three types of Tasmanian cheese pressed into one) and half a green apple.

Shorty Bento 2.10.10

Half a ham salad roll with ketchup, two chicken sausages and okra. Right side is triple Tassie cheese (which she'll probably not eat), carrot stars, snow peas and some sliced green apple.

Now, you may be thinking - lucky Husband gets a blueberry cake bar, but the kids don't! That doesn't seem fair. - Well, it is fair because I bring the kids their cake bar as a snack for walking home after school. If I put it in their lunches, they'll just eat that and ignore all the other stuff that's far better for them to eat. Honestly, they will eat only the blueberry cake and none of the rest of their lunch. They're pretty rotten that way. So no cake in the bento, it's an afternoon walk home and don't complain about how tired you are, snack.

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