Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bento Bento Bento...I'm lazy bento lady

Snack Bento 15.03.10Snack Bento 15.03.10

It's hot lunch day today so I've made the girls just a snack bento for break times. They have grapes, cucumber, carrot, apple and orange slices, wee Japanese cake, broccoli and some ham wrapped around green beans.

I think I'm a bit out of the bento groove. It's nice to make the lunches, but with time short in the morning, I've lost the motivation to do the more artistic, cute styles of bento. I've hardly pulled my cutters out in weeks. Then again, I've not been getting very big carrots. I still love to look at bento, and learn more and get ideas, but I'm not in the creative mood myself. I'm not altering. I feel guilty about it.

I know I shouldn't. It's a hobby. It's a hobby in a rut. Everyone else is happy, it's just me who's gone a tad ho-hum.

I guess I shall have to ponder on what needs done to kick this up the butt.

In other news. I've figured out how to make pot stickers and plan a video/photo post about it. Maybe it's not as ruttish as I thought?


Anonymous said...

You've made me a Bento-wannabe. Thank you and I hope you find your creative reserves again.


Rachel@Coconut Crumbs said...

Love the variety and colors! nutritious, but yum.

Judy said...


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Asha at beFOODled said...

Hi Lyvvie, follow my link for an award!