Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drumstick Bento 10.03.10

Chicken leg bento 10.03.10Chicken leg bento 10.03.10

This was a quick bento this morning because I made all the meats last night. Chicken leg with chicken seasoning on top, beef chipolate, carrot, cucumber and red pepper. Top has grapes, cherry tomatoes, sliced apple and a mini dorayaki (For Shorty)- two mini pancakes sandwiched around some chestnut puree. Orange soft cake for SassyFace.

I bought a bag of mixed little cakes from my local Japanese market. I have to hide them or they disappear. These greedy gluts have no respect for the bento snacks.

Bento sized variety cakesBento sized variety cakes


jomamma said...

I love trying out the sweets at the Asian market. I can't wait until they re-open after the remodel. They are going to have a bakery!

Sister Bee said...

Hello! i must say that i love your obentos and i used to try to do something like this... but is not a so pretty dish... i´ll post a pic of my most kawaii obento and put the link in your comments so u can see if i´m improving, if i´m in the right way.

kisses bye

Sister Bee said...

hey lady!

this is the link to my obento pic..

say something about it!

Anonymous said...
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Sister Bee said...


Anonymous said...

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