Monday, April 12, 2010

Bento for 13.04.10

Bento for 13.04.10

Top has corn cob, red pepper, cucumber, carrot, salami sticks and a tuna mayonnaise filled onigiri.

Bottom has grapes, half an orange and some smoked ham bites.

Dessert are a couple of Palmiers.


Heather said...

You've won an award! Come check it out.

AVM said...

Do your girls eat the nori? I've been making bentos for a little while and haven't gotten into the nori for decoration. I wonder if my daughter would eat it.

Lyvvie said...

Oooo!! An Award? Whyforhow?

AVM - my kids love nori! they ask me to cut it up and they eat it like chips. They like the shapes, everything about it. You can get seasoned nori as well that's got more flavour but nori itself is just a slightly salty taste. Whenever I use a nori sheet they fight over who gets the off cuts, which is a pain because i usually like to keep those. We go through a lot of nori.

Simply Life said...

wow I love how colorful that is! Looks great!