Monday, February 20, 2012

Bento for 21 Feb, 2012

 Gently coaxed by a friend to start putting these back up. I had worried they were all starting to look samey-same. They do change with what's available in the grocery store; what's fresh for the season. I'm kind of looking forward to pumpkins coming back. I've been missing pumpkin! Summer is winding down, signs of Autumn are just showing if you look closely enough. The mornings are certainly darker as it's barely dawn when the alarm goes off in the morning.

February is supposed to be our hottest month, but we've had a wet, sticky and humid one thus far. Great for produce. Prices are awesome on fresh food just now. Then again the big name grocery stores are currently having a freshest produce ad campaign/fight. I wish I had a chest freezer to stockpile for Winter. Especially blueberries. They've been so awesome.

Half a grilled BBQ chicken and spinach sandwich with ketchup, three pan fried shrimp, sweet baby grapes, carrot sticks, cucumber slices. The snack bag has sliced orange, sliced white nectarine and blueberries. The biggest blueberries I've seen since Xmas! Bigger than those grapes!

 Lunches for 21 Feb, 2012

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jomamma said...

YEA!!!! I get some really good ideas for my own lunches from you.