Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bento for 22 Feb, 2012

Youngest daughter said she doesn't want shrimp again. "I thought you liked prawns?" "I like tempura prawns." Well that's not going to happen.

Today we have a small bag with dried dates, plum, Romatherapy baby tomato, sweet baby grapes, sliced cucumber, snow peas, ham and cheese salad wrap with BBQ sauce (Shorty prefers mustard and gherkin relish with no cheese so it's very important not to get the lunches mixed up or mayhem, disappointment and rage will ensue) and a portion of corn on the cob.

The only grocery top ups I'll need are fruit and a couple veggies this week. On Sunday I grilled two batches of chicken thighs; one with BBQ sauce and curry powder, a second with smoky BBQ sauce and Nandos hot sauce. The spicy one is for me and Husband. Again, I'm careful to put them in different containers to avoid aforementioned reactions ending in rage. Currently, I can get a kilo of deboned skinless chicken thighs for $7.99 a kilo and skinless chicken breast is $8.99p/k, where cheap sliced ham is $15p/k and who wants cheap ham but nicer ham is more like $24p/k. This grilled chicken portion remedy is much more economical. I love putting them on the grill pan, covering them in a different sauce (Teriyaki, curry, Thai, basil and lemon, plain chicken salt) and it yields a uniquer option. I also like it's a sulphite/nitrate free option. There was a point where it was ham everyday because it's all they wanted.

Bento for 22 Feb, 2012

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